Welcome to our iGEM Journal initiative! 

Ever dreamed about publishing your own work?

Here is your chance to turn this dream into reality!
Last year our MSP Maastricht team came up with this fun idea of creating an annual proceeding journal. The goal of the journal is to offer all the teams participating in the competition a chance to get familiar with the process of writing and publishing your own work.

Not only will we create an online version that can be featured on your wiki page, we will also print hardcopies. This way you will also have a nice souvenir of this year’s competition.

How it works

This journal will work like a regular scientific journal. The first step is to write the abstract. Once all first drafts of the articles are done and submitted, it’s time for peer reviewing- an essential part of the publishing process. Each article will be peer reviewed by another team. Meaning you will not only be the author of a peer-reviewed article, but also a peer reviewer yourself!

The type of article you want to write is up to your team to decide. This can be an original research paper, but also a literature review or even an interview. There are plenty of creative ways to collaborate and publish your work!


Have you ever written an article and thought to yourself, how was this part supposed to be written again? or how do I get these APA references correct?

Well, we got you covered! This year, we decided to broaden the journal initiative and offer short videos on various topics related to writing good scientific articles. So, whether you just want to freshen up your academic writing skills or are completely new to this side of the scientific world, keep an eye out to not miss any of the videos.

How to apply

Applying is very easy. Just send in a short abstract (100-300 words) via e-mail until June 30th. The abstract should cover the topic of your article. Don’t worry there is no need to have results already, just a brief abstract on what you are planning to write about is already enough.

It is possible submit more than one article per team, but please keep in mind that the maximum number of articles per team is three. Moreover, might not all the additional articles be featured in the printed version.  

E-mail: igem.maastricht.journal@gmail.com



  • Length: 100-300 words
  • Language: English
  • Format: Word document
  • May include a picture of your team or something related to your article
  • Send in via E-mail to: igem.maastricht.journal@gmail.com

Written Article

  • Abstract: 100-300 words
  • Article: 1000-1500 words
  • Citation: APA style (7th edition) 
  • Language: English
  • May include figures and/or tables

The Timeline:

Still a bit hesitant?

Don’t worry, applying is without obligation and you are not tied to anything yet!

Feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

E-mail: igem.maastricht.journal@gmail.com

Last Year's Journal

The Journal Platform

To make the peer review process run smoothly, we are using an Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform. To access it, click the Journal Platform link in the menu bar!